Recent Bronzer & Highlighter Loves

How many bronzers and highlighters can a girl have? Of course we need variety so my bronzer and highlighter drawer is packed to the top (I literally don’t have space for more so I have to free up a second drawer). The beauty market is saturated with highlighters and there is a reason for that. Everyone wants glowy skin.


New At Sephora – Makeup Edition

Who is guilty of checking the “NEW” section on Sephora’s website? Me! I love checking the newly arrived products section! I usually find new releases that I like to try and purchase for review purposes of course (or I like to say that so I don’t admit that I am addicted to makeup and skincare). 


An Introduction To Verso Skincare

The Stockholm based skincare Verso is a new brand for me. It instantly caught my eye with their minimal monochrome packaging that is a pleasure to photograph. Their products are aesthetically pleasing but also very effective. Verso makes high-quality products with minimal ingredients. They don’t put unnecessary fillers in their skincare and only use ingredients that work in order to simplify our every day skincare routine.