My Top 5 Moisturizers For Normal Skin

My skin is pretty normal all year round. I do get dryness and dry patches in winter because of the super dry weather in Colorado. I’ve learned to like moisturizers that are lightweight but also on the hydrating side. During the night, I like to use something heavier and layer even with oils, but in my morning routine, I stick to something that’s lightweight but still provides plenty of moisture for my normal skin.


Most Used Face Primers

Prepping the skin for makeup is such an important step. A primer can either make your foundation look amazing or your base can look not so cute. I always start with good skincare as that is the first and most important step for your base to look awesome. After skincare, I go in with primer depending on my skin needs.


Top 5 Mascaras & Affordable Faves

I was going through my blog posts just to get an idea what I’ve posted through the years, and I can’t believe that I don’t have one mascara post. I think mascara makes such a difference in a look. I love my dramatic lashes and I’m quite picky when it comes to mascaras. Having long but straight lashes, I’m always looking for mascaras that give me volume, hold a good curl but also don’t flake or run on me. I’m not sure why, but a lot of mascaras give me panda eyes.