Natural Looking Glow With Laura Mercier

A natural looking glow is what I’m after when doing my day to day makeup. The intense highlighters are all beautiful but not very practical for every day use if you’re going for a “no makeup, makeup look” or just prefer your makeup to be on the natural side. Especially for summer I love a good healthy looking glow both in my base and cheeks makeup.


Recent Drugstore Finds

The drugstore brands are stepping up their game when it comes to the quality of the makeup they release. The summer collections are starting to appear and I’ve noticed some very nice products that you couldn’t previously find in the drugstores. I recently picked up some newer products that caught my eye and ended up loving most of them.


What To Get For The Dad In Your Life

Father’s Day is on June 19th here in the US and while my dad is far far away, my parents live in Macedonia, I still have to figure out what to get for my husband. He always complains that he doesn’t have any skincare products and I have tons, especially anti-aging skincare so he’ll probably get that from me but he also likes a good perfume so I have couple of options.

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