Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipsticks

Estee Lauder released a new line of lipsticks with an edgier and more youthful feel. The Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipsticks come in matte, cream and metallic finish and arrays of colors for every taste. There are 30 shades in the line housed in beautiful golden and clear packaging. 

They feel heavy and well made and actually more expensive then they actually are (they are priced at $22). Regarding the formula, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipsticks are described as bold, creamy and long-lasting. The matte formula feels very comfortable on the lips and they are a one swipe full coverage lipstick. The cream formula feels more balmy, has a lot of shine but still provides good color payoff.

The shimmer pearls were a surprise for me. I know that metallic lips are very trendy but I just can’t get on board, I don’t like how they look on me. But the shimmers in the line are subtle, apply evenly and feel very creamy on the lips. The one formula that didn’t work for me are the cooled chromes. These are super metallic so definitely not for someone who is used to wearing nude lipsticks.

The shades come with names and numbers. They are divided by color so the 100’s are nudes, 200’s are pinks, 300’s are reds and coral and 400’s are purples.

To make it easier I stuck to the numbers and color scheme. So first come the nudes:

100 Blase Buff (matte)

110 Raw Sugar (matte)

120 Rose Xcess (matte)

130 Strapless (creme)

140 Naked City (creme)

Swatches L to R: 100 Blase Buff, 110 Raw Sugar, 120 Rose Xcess, 130 Strapless, 140 Naked City

100 Blase Buff

110 Raw Sugar

120 Rose Xcess

130 Strapless

140 Naked City

In the 200’s are mainly shades of pinks with matte and creamy finish. I don’t wear pinks that often and I hardly find any that suit my skin tone but some of these shades actually looked good on me. I think since it’s a mix of pinks and magentas, there is a pink shade for every skin tone.

200 Proven Innocence (matte)

210 Naughty Nice (matte)

220 Shock & Awe (matte)

230 Juiced Up (matte)

240 Pret-a-party (creme)

250 Radical Chic (creme)

260 Sky High (shimmer pearl)

270 Haute & Cold (shimmer pearl)

Swatches L to R: 200 Proven Innocence, 210 Naughty Nice, 220 Shock & Awe, 230 Juiced Up, 240 Pret-a-party, 250 Radical Chic, 260 Sky High, 270 Haute & Cold 

200 Proven Innocence

210 Naughty Nice

220 Shock & Awe

230 Juiced Up

240 Pret-a-party

250 Radical Chic

260 Sky High

270 Haute & Cold

Next are the reds and corals. I don’t think there is a shade that I don’t like in this category ( except of the last one which is super metallic). From orange red to true red and peachy coral, I would wear all shades.

300 Hot Streak (matte)

310 Bar Red (matte)

320 Burning Love (matte)

330 Wild Poppy (creme)

340 Hot Rumor (creme)

350 Sly Wink (shimmer pearl)

360 Flash Chill (shimmer pearl)

370 Pocket Venus (cooled chrome)

Swatches L to R: 300 Hot Streak, 310 Bar Red, 320 Burning Love, 330 Wild Poppy, 340 Hot Rumor, 350 Sly Wink, 360 Flash Chill, 370 Pocket Venus

300 Hot Streak

310 Bar Red

320 Burning Love

330 Wild Poppy

340 Hot Rumor

360 Flash Chill

370 Pocket Venus

And lastly, we have the purples. I love a good purple lip and the line has a nice selection. The last two shades which are the darkest in the line and also have the cooled chrome finish were a miss for me. But if you love a good high metallic lip you should check them out.

400 Rebel Glam (matte)

410 Love Object (matte)

420 Up Beet (I didn’t receive this shade in the set so I couldn’t provide a swatch. It looks like a great vampy purple shade with a matte finish)

430 Crazy Beautiful (creme)

440 Hi-Voltage (creme)

450 Orchid Infinity (creme)

460 Ripped Raisin (shimmer pearl)

470 Moon Rock (cooled chrome)

480 Nova Noir (cooled chrome)

Swatches L to R: Rebel Glam, Love Object, Crazy Beautiful,440 Hi-Voltage, 450 Orchid Infinity, 460 Ripped Raisin, 470 Moon Rock, 480 Nova Noir

400 Rebel Glam

410 Love Object

430 Crazy Beautiful 

440 Hi-Voltage

450 Orchid Infinity

460 Ripped Raisin

470 Moon Rock

480 Nova Noir

And there you have it, almost 30 lipsticks swatched on my lips. I have to admit that it was very time consuming to do them but I like to see a lipstick on lips when I’m researching what to buy. They definitely look different on the lips then swatched on the hand.

As for the Estee Lauder Color Love Lipstick line, I love it. From the shape of the bullet (it has sharp edges so it makes application very easy) to the shade selection and formula, everything is a hit. Plus the luxe packaging doesn’t hurt either.

Favorite shades include all the nudes, Juiced Up, Hot Streak, Wild Poppy and Love Object.

The Estee Lauder Color Love Lipsticks are exclusive to Ulta but you can also find them on

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  • I love the shade selection, the amount of red and orange shades (my favourites!) is very impressive! Seeing them in your Instagram a few days ago, I wasn’t so sure about the bullet, but now I think I understand what you mean, sharp edges can be really helpful sometimes!

    • You are like me! I love red orange shades especially for summer. The bullet is definitely different but in a good way. It makes precise application very easy.

  • Dom

    Thank you for the swatches! I appreciate the time and effort. Blase Buff is now on my list! I love the shape of these bullets. $22 is such a great price point as well!


    • My pleasure Dom 🙂 Yes the price is amazing for the quality.

  • Thank you for both arm and lip swatches! SO helpful! I think Strapless would be my number one pick, then Wild Poppy and Juiced Up. The bullet shape is so interesting and $22 is not bad at all!

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

    • The bullet shape actually helps a lot with precise application.

  • Phew that’s a lot of swatching! The classification confuses me as there’s definitely a few nudes and pinks that look very red to me lol

    • I think it could be the natural light or my natural lip shade but the only shade that looked out of place was the vampy shade in the 100’s.

  • wow lots of goodies.

  • Judy

    The shape of the bullets look very unique! I like the look of Wild Poppy.

    It might just be me but I don’t really like how Pocket Venus, Moon Chill, Nova Noir swatched out. They look quite patchy on the lip.

    • Those are the chromes and yes I mention in my post that they were a little harder to work with.

  • Loving the lip swatches. Thank you for taking the time to do them. I adore the packaging of this line. Naked City is calling my name!xo

  • oohhh the packaging looks amazing! the tip kinda reminds me of besame lipstick. thank you for the swatches too. moon rock looks a bit off but that subtle emerald gleam is so pretty.

  • Love that you did lip swatches for all the lipsticks. The reddish berry shades looked lovely on you. Great review 🙂


  • omg so pretty. I just ordered few colors. thanks for beautiful pictures. 🙂
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  • sassy

    Blaze buff & Strapless look amazing on you :))
    I hope these will be available in Europe soon