Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Review & Swatches

Cover FX are famous for having products that are made to customize your own foundation or skincare product. From Custom Cover Drops that you can use to customize your foundation to Custom Infusion Drops that you can use with your skincare, they have it all. They recently added their Custom Enhancer Drops to the line of customizable products and they are amazing. 


The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are a drop formula that’s meant to be used for highlighting, strobing or bronzing or you can also mix it with your favorite beauty product. The line has six available shades, four are different shades that are meant for highlighting and two are a lighter and a darker liquid bronzer.


The six shades of the Custom Enhancer Drops are:

Celestial (glistening pearl)

Moonlight (imparts a soft silver glow)

Sunlight (imparts a soft golden glow)

Candlelight (shimmering golden bronze)

Sunkissed (for a light sunkissed look)

Sunset (for a deeper sunkissed look)


From the website:

“Custom Enhancer Drops makes bringing adding a highlighting, strobing, or bronzing effect to any liquid cosmetic or skincare product easy. Add them to your favorite foundation, primer, serum, and moisturizer. Available in six universal shades, including four illuminators and two bronzers, these drops can also be used alone, even on top of powder, to create a buildable highlight or sunkissed tint. Custom Enhancer Drops were formulated with a high concentration of pearls that produce a lit-from-within glow without appearing too glittery or overdone. The more drops you use, the more luminosity you’ll get. The result is a beautiful, camera-ready, radiant finish.”


The product comes with a dropper that is very convenient and great for controlling how much product you dispense and use. The formula is super pigmented, the highlighting shades look like liquid metal when they’re not blended so you only need a tiny bit of product if you’re highlighting or bronzing or mixing some product with your foundation.

The six shades that come in the line are all beautiful shades and I think they released a good variety that will suit most skin tones. If you’re fair or light I would recommend going with Celestial or Moonlight since those two are the lightest of the bunch and if you’re looking for a bronzing shade, the lighter shade in Sunkissed would work wonderfully for fair to light skin. For medium to deeper skin tones the shades in Sunlight and Candlelight would work great as highlighters and Sunset is a great deeper tone bronzing shade.


What I love about the formula is that it’s very versatile. You can use the product over or under foundation, also over powder which is pretty rare for a liquid product. You can mix it with your foundation, skincare, body care, use it on it’s own as highlighter or bronzer and also use it as a liquid eyeshadow. The bronzing shades can be also used to deepen a foundation so you don’t have to buy a different shade of your favorite foundation for summer.

For application I used a damp sponge and it blended out nicely, but you can also use your hands if you’re in a hurry or use a buffing brush.


Swatches of the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops L to R: Celestial, Moonlight, Sunlight, Candlelight, Sunkissed, Sunset

The swatches were taken on direct sunlight just so you can see how metallic the shades swatch. I think they’re a very unique product and one of the most pigmented liquid highlighters/bronzers I’ve ever tested. You literally need a tiny dot of product so a bottle will last you forever.

I’m lucky that my skin tone is light to medium so I can actually use all the shades. I can’t really pick a favorite since they’re all so beautiful so my recommendation is just to go with your skin tone if you’re interested in picking up a shade or two.

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops are available both at Sephora and and they retail for $42.

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  • These look stunning, I love how metallic they are! I really want to try Celestial ♥ I’m not sure about mixing with other products but I bet they’re stunning as a highlight!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    • It actually works great when you mix them in with foundation, they just give a natural luminous glow to the face.

  • These look so beautiful, I’ve been so so tempted to pick up Moonlight! Especially after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in one of her recent videos.

    Kelsey |

  • These are so pretty and I’ve heard so many good things about these. I’d love to check the out for myself specially moonlight really want my hands on that one!! Thanks for sharing something so neat, there isn’t nothing like these yet from other brands.

    Katie |

    • Moonlight is beautiful and I think it’s a very versatile shade.

  • I want these so bad!! I think Moonlight is the one for me but I also love the look of Sunlight. I imagine these pair beautifully with a tan for the Summer! x

    Kirsty –

  • My GOSH these are stunning! I love the look of Moonlight. I had a play with these at a Sephora showcase and was in loveeeee x

    Katina Lindaa |

  • iheartcosmetics

    Thanks so much for these swatches, the first two, especially moonlight, look like must buys for me for holiday, so gorgeous! xoxo Really helpful post.

    Sarah from iheartcosmetics

  • I don’t think I will be lucky enough to be able to use all of the shades, but these products sound very unique indeed, and the shades Celestial and Moonlight should suit my skintone beautifully!!

    • If you have fair to light skin tone those two would be perfect.

  • Sheridan Grady

    I keep seeing these everywhere and they look beyond gorgeous! x

    • It’s a very popular product and for a reason, they’re stunning.

  • Holly Murphy

    I have never seen anything like these before the colours are so pigmented! I’m going to have to try these sometime!
    Have a nice day x

  • These look beautiful! Especially Candlelight!x

    Rebecca | Rebecca Olivia Capel

    • Candlelight would look beautiful on medium and deep skin tones.

  • I love them all and I also have a light to medium skintone! hehe I’m not sure which colour I’ll pick up someday but I think I’ll go for moonlight!

    Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  • sassy

    wow! tey are all really pretty and i hope they will be available on beautybay

    • I’m not sure. Do they carry other Cover FX products?

      • sassy

        Yes,they have some of them so I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  • Those are so pretty!! They look a little to intense for my liking, but I still may need to pick one of these up 😀

    • They actually look pretty natural when they’re blended out. The swatches are heavy and not blended just so you can see the actual pigmentation.

  • Dom

    Moonight and Sunlight are calling my name! I tried it in store and love it! Great review Beti!


  • These look amazing. I have a shopping trip with a friend soon… I may need to get one…

  • I’ve been debating whether or not I need these in my life… and I really think I do haha. They’re STUNNING. Loving your pictures 🙂

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  • I neeeed Candlelight! I cannot believe how incredible the formula seems – it literally looks like liquid metal <3

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • I’m desperate to try these! I’m going to pick up Celestial when I’m next in a Sephora 🙂
    – Ambar x

  • These look soo pretty!! <3 Lovely post!

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  • Super excited to get my hands on these!

  • They are all so pretty! Celestial looks just stunning!


    • Can’t pick a fave cause they’re all gorgeous but yes Celestial is beautiful.

  • I will definitely have to bob to Space NK to swatch these gorgeous drops, they are mind blowing!
    xxx Claire

  • I am soooo tempted by these! They are absolutely stunning! I think Sunlight is calling to me most, though I would love to see them in person first!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • You will be amazed by how they swatch. But the good thing is they’re not as intense when you blend them out so you can do a natural look or pack them on if you like.

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