Becca Light Chaser Highlighters And Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss

Becca recently released two limited edition products for the summer. The Becca Light Chaser Highlighters are a line of six kaleidoscope highlighters that transform as you move. The colors have a duo-chrome effect so the colors shift as soon as your skin hits the light. The Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses also come in six shades. Their formula has kaleidoscope pearls that create a liquid crystal look.

The Light Chaser Highlighters come in the following shades:

Topaz Flashes Gilt (golden bronze with soft emerald shift)

Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini (soft peach with rose gold shift)

Rose Quartz Flashes Seashell (rose with hot pink shift)

Opal Flashes Jade (golden opal pearl with teal sapphire shift)

Amethyst Flashes Geode (lavender duo-chrome with blushed garnet shift)

Pearl Flashes Gold (creamy pearl with golden shift)

Leave it to Becca to create duo-chrome highlighters that are actually wearable. As a person who prefers a more natural looking highlighter I feel like I can still pull these off on daily basis. The formula feels the same as their other powder highlighters, so very creamy to the touch and also quite pigmented. You can use a light hand for a subtle look or pack it up for a more intense highlight.

Most of the shades work on my light to medium skin tone as higlighters except of Topaz Flashes Gilt (a little too dark) and Amethyst Flashes Geode which I can use as a blush topper since the shade is quite pigmented.

Swatches L to R: Pearl Flashes Gold, Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini, Topaz Flashes Gilt, Rose Quartz Flashes Seashell, Opal Flashes Jade, Amethyst Flashes Geode

Swatches taken in direct sunlight

The Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses can be used as lip toppers or on their own. Each shade in the line features a custom mix of unique pearls blended together to create a multi-dimensional finish that flatters all skintones. The formula is infused with coconut and other nurturing ingredients that keep the lips hydrated.

They are vanilla scented and smell delicious when applied, but the scent doesn’t linger too long. It’s a thicker formula that doesn’t feel sticky on the lips. It also gives a beautiful shine plus shimmer to the lips that glimmers when you get to a different light.

The six shades that are in the Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss line are:

Champagne Dream x Bellini Soft peach with a rose gold shift

Opal x Jade Golden opal pearl with a teal sapphire shift

Rose Quartz x Seashell Rose with a hot pink shift

Topaz x Gilt Golden bronze with a soft emerald shift

Amethyst x Geode Lavender duo-chrome with an aquamarine shift

Pearl x Gold Creamy pearl with a golden shift

Swatches L to R: Pearl x Gold, Champagne Dream x Bellini, Rose Quartz x Seashell, Opal x Jade, Amethyst x Geode, Topaz x Gilt

Swatches taken in direct sunlight

All in all, I really like both lines. I think the Light Chaser Highlighters feature some unique shades that you won’t find in your collection even if you are a beauty lover as me.  Favorite shades include both Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini and Opal Flashes Jade. The lip glosses have a nice formula and they last pretty well on the lips in spite being a gloss. I don’t wear lip gloss every day but when I do wear them I reach for Champagne Dream x Bellini and Topaz x Gilt.

Have you tried these new releases from Becca?

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